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Financial Aid News Bulletin

Summer 2009


February 19, 2009



  • Summer Financial Aid Applications

    • Where to find applications

    • Where to send applications

    • Important reminders about summer aid eligibility

  • Direct Loan Annual Limits

  • Veterans Benefits for Summer Session

  • Reporting Other Summer Resources

  • Automatic Payment Plan

  • Avoiding Refund and Deferment Delays

  • Purchasing Textbooks

  • Scholarships 2009-2010



Summer Financial Aid Applications The applications for summer financial aid are now available on the Off-Campus Programs Web site, under Financial Aid Forms.


We will begin reviewing for Summer awards the week beginning March 16th.

  Summer Financial Aid Reminders
  • Aid eligibility is based on the 2008-2009 FAFSA for students who have not previously filed the 08-09 FAFSA please note that CMU must receive the FAFSA by May 1 to be considered for Summer 2009 financial aid refer to the Financial Aid Checklist at for details.

  • Students who have used their annual eligibility for 08-09 in Fall/Spring (Refer to Direct Loan Limits below) will not have direct loan eligibility for Summer.

  • Graduate students can apply for the Federal Graduate PLUS assistance, (this application must accompany the Summer 2009 Financial Aid Application).

    This program is for students in graduate level programs only. You must be enrolled at least half-time to receive the loan. This loan is a non-need-based loan for students with good credit histories. Applicants may borrow up to the cost of attendance minus other financial assistance. A FAFSA is required. A Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling are also required. Refer to the application for details.

  • Parents of Undergraduate "Dependent" students can apply for a Federal Parent PLUS loan,, (this application must accompany the Summer 2009 Financial Aid Application).

    These loans are non-need-based loans for parents with good credit histories who choose to borrow for their dependent students. A Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling are required. Refer to the application for details.

  • Alternative Loans are an option for Undergraduate or Graduate students refer to for additional information and application instructions. You must apply online through the lender of your choice for an alternative loan.

    Only alternative loans that are approved by the lender are sent to CMU for school Certification/Approval. Please notify Off-Campus Programs Financial Aid Office at if you apply for AND are approved for an alternative loan so we can monitor for certification.

  • REMEMBER that the Federal Graduate PLUS loan, Federal Parent PLUS loan and alternative loans are non-need-based student loans meaning they are based on credit approval from the lender. Direct Loans will notify the student by mail if the loan is denied.



Direct Loan Annual Limits These are the ANNUAL limits for student loans.

Transfer students remember that you must consider any loan funds you received from your previous college from Fall 2008 and/or Spring 2009 to determine if you've used your annual limit.

Undergraduates who have moved up a grade level between freshman, sophomore, and junior must use the 2008-2009 Federal Loan Adjustment Form to request a review of their eligibility.

Maximum Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan Amount
for a Full Academic Year

Credit Hours Earned

Dependent Student

Independent Student



Freshman (0-25)

$3,500 + $2,000 = $5,500

$3,500 + $6,000   =  $9,500

Sophomore (26-55)

$4,500 + $2,000 = $6,500

$4,500 + $6,000   =  $10,500

Junior (56-85)

$5,500 + $2,000 = $7,500

$5,500 + $7,000   =  $12,500

Senior (86 +)

$5,500 + $2,000 = $7,500

$5,500 + $7,000   =  $12,500



$8,500 + $12,000 =  $20,500

NOTE: Loan limit cannot exceed cost of attendance minus other financial aid received (scholarships, tuition assistance, VA benefits, etc.).




Veterans Benefits No change from the requirements for Fall/Spring. The V.A. Enrollment/Registration found at must be completed by the student. The student must also indicate VA benefits and the amount expected on the "Certification Section" of the Summer application.
4) Reporting Other Summer Resources Any outside resources received for educational costs such as Employer Tuition Assistance, outside scholarships, other military benefits, tuition waivers, alternative loans, etc., must be reported on the Summer Application.
5) Automatic Payment Plan Information (see separate attachment) OCP Financial Services is introducing the new Automatic Payment Plan beginning Summer 2009. This is ONLY available to those students admitted to Off-Campus Programs, not for campus admits taking Summer classes at off-campus sites or online.
  Reminders from prior FA Updates

Avoiding Refund and Deferment Delays (what happens if you are registered below half-time) Students should be registered for the entire semester at the first available registration period. There are many avoidable problems that center on students registered below half-time.

  • Financial aid will not disburse and prior loan deferment will not take place until minimum half-time status is established:

Undergraduate half-time minimum is 6 credit hours per semester
Graduate half-time minimum is 5 credit hours per semester

  • Eligibility for federal student loans requires minimum half-time enrollment if you are only registered for 3 credit hours your loans will not release to your student account.

  • Expecting to defer prior federal student loans? CMU electronically transmits to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse each month. If you are registered for 3 credit hours only at the time the enrollment information is transmitted, any loans that require an In-School Deferment will not qualify for deferment until minimum half-time enrollment is reported.

  • If you add a class AFTER your refund is generated you will be responsible for paying for that added class or classes from the refund. To AVOID this problem, register for the full semester.

7) Purchasing Textbooks We get many calls and e-mails from students asking about vouchers or refunds to use for the purchase of textbooks prior to the start of classes. Please note:
  • Although MBS has a book voucher program that is part of the textbook payment options available for students, CMU Off-Campus Programs does not participate in this program. BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR YOUR BOOKS OUT-OF-POCKET.

  • It is unlikely your refund will be available for book purchases before the start of the first class in the semester since many variables are involved before a refund is released.

  • Plan for this initial cost out-of-pocket, then once a refund is received you can reimburse yourself but do not forget to plan accordingly for upcoming semesters.

  2009-2010 Scholarship Applications
8) Scholarships 2009-2010 (for upcoming Fall/Spring semesters)
Information regarding the available scholarship opportunities for 2009-2010 has been updated on the off-campus Web site at Please note that the applications will not be available until March 1, 2009.


CMU is an AA/EO institution (see  25750    2/09